Praise for Strategy Execution

"This is a masterful book about an important subject. Strategy execution is the missing link, without which even the best of plans is rendered impotent. Yet it is so often inadequately addressed or overlooked completely. This is why Dr MacLennan’s book is so welcome. It is both eminently practical and intellectually rigorous, with a wealth of sensible and rational advice, and extremely useable models. It will hold the attention of anyone who is interested in how strategy can really be made to work in practice."

- Professor Nigel Slack, Professor of Operations Management & Strategy, Warwick Business School


"This is an excellent book highlighting the common disconnect between what organisations think they should do and what they are actually doing. All too often, organisations find making the right things happens very difficult. This book explains why this is and what you can do to change it - it is relevant for all companies trying to make change happen."

- Neil Roden, Group Director, Human Resources, The Royal Bank of Scotland plc


"Andrew MacLennan manages to blend his extensive experience and deep knowledge of underlying theory into a marvellously readable, accessible and practical manual on strategy execution that that belongs within easy reach of every strategist – whether manager or student, practicing or aspiring."

- Professor Neil Kay, Emeritus Professor of Business Economics, University of Strathclyde


"The art of the possible made a reality. This book is a must read for budding strategists, full of great frameworks and techniques, all of which can be applied in real situations. It provides the reader with a practical perspective and confidence to make things happen. A rare read in the area of strategy, indeed."

- Tony Brown, Managing Director – People & Change, Friends Provident plc


"Deeply thoughtful and well researched. Provides clear, practical ways to ensure that strategic plans really do achieve their intended business results."

- Tracey Ashworth-Davies, HR Director, Molson Coors Brewing Company